Protection for all of your real assets 

For the vast majority of Americans, real property such as homes, cars, and furnishings make up almost 80% of their asset base. We typically employ an army of advisers such as accountants, financial planners, and attorneys to manage our financial assets despite the fact that it makes up a much smaller portion of our overall financial picture.

Nestive aims to be the first of its kind, total property protection agent. Your Nestive agent has extensive training in insurance, home construction, and maintenance issues. From now on, you can rely on your Nestive property protection agent to help you manage the other 80% of your financial life.

Our Mission

At Nestive, our mission is to bring more certainty to home ownership. Through our comprehensive, three stage approach to property protection, our goal is to protect your assets, reduce the cost of home ownership, and increase home values by providing transparent home history documentation to your future buyers. 

our agents

Nestive agents go through a rigorous training process to make them uniquely suited to help you protect and increase the value of your property. They are:

  • Receive training on home construction best practices.
  • Complete ongoing home systems training.
  • Typically have a claims adjusting background which teaches them how to assess damages and causes of loss