Flat Fee Property Manager

Tired of paying your property manager 10% of your monthly rent? At Nestive we offer property management services so that you don't have to answer those middle of the night phone calls from pesky tenants. Depending upon how much preventative maintenance and property check ups you want us to conduct, we offer 3 service levels to fit your needs. 

Property Management Plans

There is a $100, one time, initial set up fee for all package levels.

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What about the other stuff?


Traditional property managers still charge you for leasing the property, anywhere from 1 month's rent on up. Many even charge for renewal of leases! 

Instead, if you feel comfortable leasing it yourself, you can save yourself tons of money. But if you would like help, we have a network of Realtors that can handle this service for you. Why pay for it in the higher monthly management fee too?

Discounts on tenant screening services

Our in house team that conducts screening of our service providers can assist you with tenant screening for discounted prices.


Having been landlords ourselves, we never liked the idea of paying someone to simply collect a check in the mail and forward it to us. Is having the check sent directly to you such a big deal? Check out the calculator below to see just how much you are paying to have someone simply forward you a check each month.

What if I have to evict a tenant or pursue damages?

Hopefully, it never happens that way. But if it does, we have a network of real estate attorneys that we can refer you to handle and coordinate that process. We don't feel as though we should mark up and charge for services the property manager would outsource anyway.

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