What You Need to Know Before You Rent Your Home on Airbnb

Nashville is one of the fastest growing markets for short term rentals on sites such as Airbnb and VRBO. Many Nashvillians are earning additional money by renting their homes and extra bedrooms. However, renting your home comes with additional work and often unforeseen risks and consequences. Before you jump into short term renting, check out these common issues. 

Homeowners insurance does not cover short term rental

Most homeowners are unaware that their traditional homeowners insurance would most likely not cover a loss to their home if it was being used as a short term rental at the time of the loss. Because you are earning income, short term rental is considered a business use. Most traditional homeowners policies exclude losses related to business use of the property. Therefore, a homeowner could find themselves without coverage in a desperate time of need. 

Middle of the night phone calls

Scared of having to deal with calls in the middle of the night from a locked out guest? With a partner such as Nestive, you will never have to deal with those calls and complaints from your guests. Nestive offers 24/7 emergency response to take care of these calls for you. 

Home cleaning services

No matter how well your guests behave and maintain your home, you're still going to have extra work cut out for you. Whether its changing the sheets, cleaning the bathrooms, or restocking refreshments, taking on short term guests can create a lot of additional work. Finding a great partner for cleaning your Airbnb rental, will reduce your work load and improve your guest's experience. 

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