Maximizing Your Airbnb ROI Through Data Analytics

Airbnb offers homeowners an effective, well-recognized Internet platform where they can find short-term rental tenants for everything from a spare bedroom to an entire mansion. One of the keys to a successful Airbnb listing is pricing - hosts need to price their short term rental in a way that attracts a steady stream of high-quality renters who leave positive reviews of their experience, and Airdna makes it easy to understand localized prices, trends and vacancy rates.

Comprehensive Short Term Rental Data provides comprehensive data to both current and prospective Airbnb hosts who are looking for short term rental management metrics for their specific city. This web-based service delivers up-to-date information about Airbnb listings such as average occupancy rates, pricing and localized short term rental trends, breaking down the information based on amenities, type of accommodation, and average reviews.

Data is collected on a daily basis from a third-party service that tracks activity on the Airbnb site in real time. The folks at Airdna collect that data, and organize it into easily scannable, quickly digestible colored charts and graphs that make it easy to take a 'snapshot' of any area included in their service.

Free vs. Paid Service currently provides Airbnb short term rental management analytics for most major markets across the United States, including Nashville, Tennessee. The site offers free access to basic information from the current month, while the paid option gives users access to a wide range of both current and historical metrics - a helpful option those who are looking at the 'bigger picture' when it comes to investing in an Airbnb short term rental property.

Full reports based on either a zip code or an entire city cost $19.99 and $29.99 respectively, and provide users with in-depth information that can provide both current owners and prospective Airbnb property investors with valuable insight into the local short-term rental market.

Current Airbnb Stats For Nashville, TN

According to Airdna, as of December 2015, there are 1,790 active Airbnb listings in Nashville, TN. The vast majority of these are for an 'entire place' - a whole house, apartment, condominium or self-contained suite, while 25.1% of the listings are for a private room in a shared home.

While users of need to purchase a premium report in order to see specific numbers, the free report does give readers a good idea of the average prices - in Nashville, entire homes rent for an average of about $175 per night plus fees, while private rooms go for about $80. Air conditioning is the most common amenity offered among short-term rental hosts, while pools and fitness facilities are consiidered to be rare.

If you are looking for a simple, reliable short term rental management appraisal tool for your Airbnb property, Airdna could be a smart investment.

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