5 Things You Can Upgrade With Paint

5 Things You Can Upgrade With Paint

If you are hoping to upgrade the look of your home's interior design but are strapped for cash, there are some great DIY options you can try instead. A great way to bring a new, fresh look to your home can be achieved with painting projects. There are plenty of areas in your home that can be transformed with paint and can be an easy weekend DIY project. Here are five areas of your home you can update with paint.

Picture and Art Frames

If you have family pictures and art displayed around your home, your frames may have been obtained at different points throughout the years. If your collection of frames is becoming an eclectic jumble of random colors and styles, a great fix is to paint these all one unified color. This can be a basic black, white, or brown, but if you would like to add a splash of color, group frames together and paint these bold colors in different spaces of your home.


If you have picked up furniture along the way to piece together your home, chances are your dining room table, end tables, and coffee table might be a bit mismatched. Rather than trade these in for a new set of furnishings, bring together your existing pieces with paint. Pick a color that either fits with your decor or go for traditional white. Paint with a glossy, durable finish can withstand daily use and still look nice. Another option is to sand pieces down and apply a stain or clear coat that can look more rustic.


If your kitchen or bathroom cabinets are outdated, you don't need to replace these to have an updated look. If you can freshen up darker or shabby looking kitchen cabinets with a coat of white paint, this will brighten up your space. In the bathroom, cabinets can be painted with an accent color to match your decor. Be sure to pick paints with a glossy finish that can handle heat and steam.

Brick Walls and Fireplaces

If you live in a house with brick walls or have brick accents throughout your home, this might not fit in with your overall home decor. Brick can instantly be transformed with paint and can make a room look newly renovated. A crisp, white coat of paint on brick walls can modernize spaces. When it comes to smaller accent walls or fireplaces, a dark gray color might work well, or even a coat of white paint sanded down so brick peeks through.

Wood Paneling

Nothing can date a home faster than wood paneling throughout. While you might have hopes to rip this out and have a larger renovation, a simpler fix is a coat of paint. By painting over either real or imitation paneling, you can make your home look brighter, bigger, and more modern. Many times several coats of paint will be needed. It is important to start with a clean, sanded down surface if possible.

Striving for a unified look and keeping decor fresh in your home may take some work, but this doesn't need to be expensive. If you have a DIY spirit and a little bit of creativity, painting can be a quick upgrade in most areas of your home. If interiors and furnishings can be brought together with paint, items will match and look more contemporary.