5 Cleaning Tips To Prepare for Spring Cleaning

Last week we talked about how crazy the weather has been with the combination of snow and cold temperatures. Who would have thought that now we would need to start talking about Spring cleaning?! Mark Twain once said, "If  you don't like the weather in New England, just wait five minutes." I think he was actually referring to Tennessee! Below are some simple tips that can help you prepare for Spring cleaning...

Make a checklist

Whether you're cleaning out the garage or sifting through clothes that no one wears anymore, a checklist helps keep you organized. Start with a room, and write down everything you need to accomplish in that room before moving onto the next one. 


Remember how we just talked about how a checklist keeps you organized? While you're cleaning and putting your winter items away, store them in a labeled box. You can always buy tote boxes, but simple cardboard boxes do just fine. Label them and put them in a spot ready for next year. Just make sure you keep those cardboard boxes away from damp places!

Delegate & Reward

Kids around the house doing nothing but playing with their phones? Is your significant other catching up on TiVo? Tell the kids that if they give you 3 toys to donate, you'll give them a piece of candy. Or tell that significant other you'll take them out to their favorite restaurant if they help you pack up leftover Christmas decorations (because at this point it will be March, and Christmas lights are soooo last year). 


Not sure what to do with those clothes that no longer fit you because you've been keeping up with your New Years resolution to get back into shape? Keep yourself motivated by donating them and getting them out of the house! Not only does this work with clothes, but many places will also accept furniture, appliances, and various household items. Just make sure to get a receipt, because you can write off your donations on next years taxes.

Prepare for Next Year

Are you having a tough time deciding on what clothes you no longer wear? Organize your closet so that all clothes face the same way. As you wear, wash, and put back your clothes, turn them the opposite direction. Soon you will realize exactly what clothes you do and don't wear. The same method can be applied to drawers, kids toy boxes, and even dishes in the kitchen.

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