Five Clever Backsplash Ideas for Your Kitchen

Five Clever Backsplash Ideas for Your Kitchen

If you love DIY projects and are looking for a quick upgrade that will work well in your kitchen, one easy project is adding a backslash above your kitchen counters. While traditional back splashes are usually tiles that involve labor-intensive cutting and fitting with grout, there are plenty of other, faster, easier-to-install alternatives. Here are five alternative DIY back splashes that might be perfect in your kitchen. 

1. Self Adhesive Tiling

Smaller tiles on the market can come with self-adhesive backing and might be as easy as preparing and pressing to your walls. Have kitchen walls cleaned and ready, and pre-measure your space before applying adhesive. If you can pick a style that involves smaller tiling, this usually can work around your existing counter tops and fixtures so that you don't need to cut down tiles.

2. Glossy or Bold Colored Paint

Sometimes a back splash can simply be an accent to the rest of your kitchen with bold colors or glossy paint. Picking an accent color that goes with your color scheme in a high gloss will brighten up your kitchen and draw one's attention to the areas above counter tops. Make sure to source paints that are made for kitchens, usually designed to withstand heat, steam, and can be easily wiped down.

3. Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a great alternative to traditional tiling for back splashes. With fun, stylish patterns on the market, you can match this with the colors scheme of your kitchen. Make sure to find wallpaper that is stain-resistant so these will be functional in a kitchen setting. The great part is you can try out trendy styles and replace these later on with new wallpapers.

4. Mirrors

A great way to make your counte rtops look more spacious and reflect light is to use mirrors as back splashes. Small square mirrors can simply line your walls above counter tops. Smaller mirrors in patterned shapes can come with adhesive to easily upgrade your kitchen back splash. These can be bought in styles similar to tiles and can simply adhere to the wall.

5. Repurposed Wood

If your kitchen has a more rustic feel to it, a great back splash addition might be panels of reclaimed wood. You can source wood from crates, old frames, or lattice. Finding thinner pieces of wood will be important so that these don't sit out from that wall too much and can be fitted above counter tops easily.

While traditional tiled back splashes are always an option, sometimes other creative ideas will give your kitchen a new look that is unique to your space and tastes. If you love to DIY, get creative with your back splash and make this part of your kitchen decor your own.