5 Home Energy Tips for Cold Weather

The last couple of weeks have been brutal out there! Who would ever thing Nashville would have 8 inches of snow! In the month of January, Nashville had 20 days where the low temperature was lower than the historical average temperature for that day. These cold weeks could be making for some expensive gas and electric bills if your home has been leaking air. Below are some simple fixes that could save you tons of money and cost little to implement.



Over the years, the elements can damage or destroy the caulking on the exterior of your windows. This allows air to get into the home and really ratchet up those energy bills. Each year, applying caulk to the windows may cost you $20 but save you hundreds on those bills and prevent wood rot and damage to the windows themselves.


Replace old or worn weatherstripping

Just this week we got a call from a customer who told us that her house seemed to be very cold and that her energy bill was sky high. Upon simple inspection, it turned out that her front door weatherstripping had actually worn down so much that there as a quarter inch gap between her door and the threshold. A new weatherstrip on the bottom of the door cost $14 from Amazon.

Make sure that windows are locked properly

Most people would be amazed at how many of the windows in their home are not properly secured. This presents both a security and a energy problem. In particular, double hung windows that are so popular, often have issues. Often if the locks are not properly locked in the guides, the top pane actually slides down over time and can leave an air gap at the top of the window along with no proper seal in the middle. We have had customers go years not realizing that the top pane had actually slid down and had an inch of open air at the top of the window! So go around to all of your windows and make sure that they are all properly closed and the latch is in the guide correctly.


Add an attic stair cover

Most older homes, which is much of Nashville, have drop down attic steps. Often, like in my own home, there are significant gaps between the door and the trim. This lets tons of both cold and hot air into your home from your attic throughout the year. Insulating the drop down can save enormous amounts of energy and quick and cheap to install. 

Change your air filters

It seems like a simple thing. But your heating system is already working overtime with the cold weather. Treat it right by changing the air filters each month!

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