Nestive vs. Traditional Property Managers

Your property is intended to be a long term investment and provider of cash flow for you and your family. At Nestive, we have always wondered why traditional property managers charged so much for their services. When you leave management to traditional managers, they often take 10% of your rent! At Nestive, we offer 3 flat rate management plans at dramatic savings over your current management provider. These plans protect your hard earned assets through 24/7 emergency response, active property maintenance, and systems servicing.  

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We offer Airbnb rental management services for individual homeowners or landlords looking to earn extra income through short term vacation rental in Nashville. We operate on a flat monthly fee rather than a percentage of the rents. Find out more about Airbnb rental management. 

Long term rental management

Traditional property managers charge percentages of rent and charge for leasing services on top of that. At Nestive, we offer flat monthly management fees that can save you hundreds of dollars per year over other property managers.                                           


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There is a $100, one time, initial set up fee for all package levels. 

Service History Platform

As a customer, you will be provided our web and mobile based application that allows you to communicate with your property manager, request services, pay invoices, and track service history.

24/7 Tenant Response

No one wants to answer those middle of the night phone calls, so let Nestive handle all of your tenant maintenance calls for you.

Tenant "Proofing"

We will create and maintain a safety manual for your property that will help your tenants mitigate damages if an emergency arises.

Annual Property Inspection

Each year, your property manager will perform a property inspection and provide you with a detailed report and photos outlining the current condition of the property. This is a great way to make sure the tenants are not destroying your investment.

Bi-Annual HVAC & Plumbing Servicing

We'll go ahead and service your plumbing and HVAC systems twice per year to make sure those systems maximize their useful lives and reduce unnecessary capital expenditures at your property.

Quarterly Maintenance

With our quarterly maintenance, we will take care of all of those maintenance issues like changing air filters, running dryer lines, caulking windows, and cleaning drains that your tenants are supposed to be doing, but never do.

Annual Cleaning

Each year, we will provide a cleaning of your unit whether tenants move out or not. So if your tenants are sticking around. Give it to them as a holiday gift. They appreciate it, and it protects your investment!