Buying a home

When you buy a home, you always have it inspected by a licensed home inspector. Why trust that inspection to someone you don't know and without a long term connection to your home? 

This initial home inspection will serve as the beginning of your home history.

Nestive Home Inspection

  • We employ full time, licensed home inspectors, the very same inspectors that will come out and re-inspect your home each year.
  • Because we will have a continued interest in protecting your home, we have much more at stake in your home inspection.
  • Our inspectors also undergo claims adjusting training making them uniquely skilled at identifying often overlooked causes of loss.

Maintaining your home

Scheduled maintenance

With one of Nestive's maintenance plans, you can be 100% certain that the regular maintenance is being done and that the key systems in your home are being cared for properly. 

Each time a maintenance item is completed, a record of that service is created and maintained in our home management platform for ongoing record keeping.



No matter how well  you maintain your home, over time, parts and systems will have to be repaired or replaced. One phone call to Nestive will have the appropriate technician scheduled and the issue resolved.

For example, your water heater needs to be replaced, so you book an appointment through your Nestive agent. After the work is complete, the invoice, photo of the unit, and a copy of the warranty will all be uploaded by your agent into your ongoing home history archive so that you have a virtual record of every visit.

Annual home inspection

With a qualifying plan, Nestive will complete a top to bottom inspection of your home every year and fully document that inspection for you. Just like an annual physical with your doctor, an annual inspection is the best way to identify and prevent major disasters.


Maintaining all of the records for your home has always been a nightmare. As a Nestive customer, we will maintain all of your home's service history paperwork in our online and mobile home management platform. Each time one of our vendors completes a maintenance appointment or a repair, all of the supporting invoices, warranty papers, and photos will be updated in your home's history archive. Never again will you have to go digging for a warranty booklet or invoice.

Selling your home


When you go to sell your home, you can provide the buyer with a complete maintenance history of the home by simply having us set up the buyer an account and transferring the home's history to their own Nestive account that can then be continued by the buyer.



When you buy a used car and the seller provides you with all of the service documents showing how well the car was maintained, it gives you a piece of mind and increases the price you are willing to pay for the car. So why don't we provide detailed records about our homes when we go to sell it, especially when the financial risk to the buyer is far greater than with an automobile? 

Because we fail to properly maintain the necessary records.

With Nestive managing these records for you, you can know that when it is time to sell your home, you should be able to maximize its value.

Ready to revolutionize your home ownership experience?