Handyman Repair Service on-call when you need it most?

That’s the best fix of all.


Nestive Handyman Repair Services

It’s funny how the smallest projects can often turn into the biggest headaches for homeowners. Finding a reliable handyman repair service shouldn’t be such a challenging ordeal. If you can find someone who might be able to do the work, getting them to your house on a schedule that doesn’t totally disrupt yours is even harder.

With on-call handyman repair service from Nestive, it doesn’t have to be.

With a complete suite of handyman repair services available, we’re your on-call answer to a host of nagging home issues. From minor repairs to the installation of improvements, using a handyman repair service qualified to complete the work can save you time and money. It also often means getting the work done sooner. Nestive employs a full-time staff of handyman repair experts who are ready and able to tackle a wide variety of fixes for your home. All work is protected by our satisfaction guarantee, and one phone call or email is all it takes to get started. 

Typical handyman repair projects Include:

Hang a TV

Caulk Windows

Install a New Door

Patch Drywall

Carpet Install

Build Shelving

Tile Repair

Carpet Cleaning

Hang Drapes

Fix Wood Rot


Replace Light Bulbs


Build Furniture

Gutter Cleaning

Upholstery Cleaning

Fix a Leaky Toilet

Rekey a Lock

Fix Trim & Crown

Leaking Faucets

Hang Decorations

Hang Pictures

Pressure Washing

Fixture Replacement

And More!

Small Fixes Help Prevent Major Repairs

Sometimes, those annoying little flaws—the drips, sags, and patches of rot—can be your home’s way of telling you that a bigger problem is in the works. By addressing repairs when they are small, homeowners can often head off much larger, more time-consuming, and expensive damage repair. Let one of our skilled handyman repair specialists help you keep your house in its best condition today.

Member Benefits

Becoming a Nestive Home Management Plan member makes taking advantage of the best handyman repair services even easier, and more cost-effective. Learn more about the complete benefits of a Nestive Home Management Plan here.

Preferred Pricing

Members discounts range from 10-25% depending upon the service. Non-members are welcome to take advantage of Nestive Handyman Repair Services at our normal rates

Project Management

Your dedicated account manager will coordinate and project manage any repairs or improvements that take more than a handyman to complete. If you have a project that requires both a handyman and a licensed trade such as a plumber or electrician, we will project manage that on your behalf. No more uncomfortable conversations with contractors or tradesmen when you are unsure of the work needed, or unhappy with the services provided. 

A Dedicated Home Manager

Members have a dedicated Home Manager that can help them with all of their home maintenance and improvement needs 24/7. Since you’ll work with one person who will get to know your individual home and its history, there’s no need to bring someone up to speed on your house whenever a repair is needed, or a new project is at hand. 

24/7 Response

Our members get access to us day and night because disaster usually strikes at the worst times possible. Having help a single phone call away makes the stress and anxiety of an unanticipated repair that much easier to manage. 

Need help with a bigger project?

If the job is too big for a handyman to tackle, a Nestive’s Project Managers is ready to help you scope out the job, and provide complete estimates for all work from start to finish. And as with our Handyman Repair Service, Nestive offers access to the most skilled and trusted craftsman and tradesman to make sure your home (and budget) is treated with the care and respect it deserves.

Contact a Project Manager today